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New Instructables Website Ideas Answered

My ideas on a new Instructables website.

1st is the toolbar on the homepage (first pic is a before pic)
(After pic 2nd pic) is their is a bar that shows your total comments, your total views (click to view statistics), and how many subscribers you have. 

2nd is on the Instructable page (were you make the project) their is usually a banner that says vote but only for one contest. So my idea is to make a banner that shows all the contests the Instructable is entered in and be able to vote on each one. 

3rd is on the member page is when you scroll down you see the Instructables that are entered into contests but their is int a way to vote for them there. So my idea is to show all the contest the Instructable is entered in and be able to vote for each one. 


There's a lot of thought gone into those ideas.

+1 on the lot of them, especially the middle option.

I agree these are some great ideas.

Thanks I hope these ideas will be put into place. It would be a more easier and more member friendly website.