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New Ipod Nanos Answered

Im thinking about getting a new ipod nano I just heard about. Does anyone know much about them? All I know is they're $149 for a 4gb and now they have video. This one will be replacing my original nano, 1gb, black.



don't b hatin on the new nano bc me and my sister have one each and i love mine idk aout my sister but u have to have small fingers for the new nano if u have big fingers it want work as well

Ok, I know this is the wrong place for this, but I'm desperate;

who is it singing that 1,2,3,4 song on the ipod nano commercial, please i must know!!

I do apologise for that, but I have to know.

One of my current favorite videos... Fiest, singing 1234:

Dang, nice. How to convert a video on Youtube to wmv or mpg would be a great insrucable... Any ideas?

Now I feel stupid ? (>_<) Thanks though

Oops, I thought it got caps as well as big.

. I haven't seen the commercial, but I'm pretty good with old rock 'n' roll (seem to be popular in commercials nowadays) lyrics. Can you post a few more words?

Does this Ipod have a video out-put? And do all ipods use the same USB and audio out-puts (for ipod docks)(other than the shuffle)?

I was thinking about selling my mp3 player to get one of these. Where is a good place to sell mp3 players?

eaither the place you got it they will sell it used or ebay.

It came from walmart. Does walmart sell them used somewhere?

oh no they wouldn't but go with ebay

I've got one and it rocks, Duct Tape Ipod Nano Skin / case coming soon!

Oh yah, the screen resiloution is uber high, its better than my sis's laptop.

My sister has one and loves it.

the new nanos suck...the clicker wheel is so small the it is like you need a styilus to use it. i would go with the ipod touch or the ipod classic.

Who do I really feel bad for? Everyone who waited in line for a few days to pay 200 dollars extra. In case you haven't heard, Apple cut the price of the iPhone by $200.

If you purchased your iPhone within 10 days prior to the price cut, Apple is offering a full refund of the $200 difference. If you were one of the early adopters, Apple can't exactly give a refund without cutting severely into the profits of the retailers. Instead, they are giving a $100 credit for anything at the Apple store (retail or online). The credit is only for those that paid full retail price for the phone.

Mysister got a certificate for $150 bucks at an Apple store for getting a bank account with some bank. We were going to buy one of the iPods, to replace our old RCA Lyra.


10 years ago

Sure you want an iPod? I'm getting a Sandisk Sansa e280, 8 gigs, still $150. Has FM radio, video, voice recording, and it has screws on the back, so battery replacement is a breeze. Not trying to push you in another direction, just wondering if you meant which brand was better, or what.

It takes seconds to remove the back cover from an iPod with the appropriate tool and seconds to replace the battery when needed. Replacement batteries with the tool run about $20-30US. The Sandisk e280 is a pretty nice alternative, but isn't yet superior to comparible iPods. The screen is smaller, the audio quality isn't as high and the video quality isn't as good.

True, but there are other reasons I'm more fond of the Sandisks, like their look, price (I don't have a job yet), radio, and I really don't like using iTunes. But it's just my opinion.

I had the Dell Pocket DJ, which was good while it lasted...until it got stolen.

I was thinking of getting the Sandisk Sansa, but it seemed like to many gigs for the amount of music I listen to, but a good choice none the less.

But I had to succumb into buying the 2nd Gen Nano, but I really like the boomcube:


I can't keep buying new iPods, haha. I am going to keep mine until it dies. :P

I was thinking of getting a Vibez, those looked good...