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New Jig Saw Answered

I just went out and bought the Craftsman Evolv Corded Jig Saw, I have yet to test it but from what reviews said its a great little tool. I got it at sears for 30 bucks. Any tips or suggestions for using it as its my first jig saw.


Get good blades and wear safety glasses and keep your fingers out of the way.

Thanks, whats your opinion on the the best blades for cutting through wood.

Jigsaws are handy for cutting a lot of stuff. Know what wood you are using, hardwoods need 18-24 teeth per inch, ripping through pine maybe less but it gets rough on crossgrain cuts. Get a feel for the speed that you need to use it at so you don't get a lot of vibration and let the blade do the cutting. As the blade heats up, it does flop around and you get a sloppy cut so give it a rest often. Make sure the blade is deeper than the thickness of the stock on its downstroke. Good blades are the more well known name brands - Craftsman, Bosch, Freud, Ryobi,Milwaukee, DeWalt, etc, except those cheap imports, dollar store blades and boderline Harbor Freight specials. You could use the bi-metal blades if you want a finer cut on wood, the teeth are not as agressive. Lot more to tell but just go out and use the jigsaw. And afterwards you can oogle the tool catalogs for a Festool or a Freud jigsaw.

Thanks, Next time I go to the hardware store ill pick a pack of blades so I experiment on what works best, right now I just have the 2 blades craftman included with the saw, how often should I change the blade.

You have to get the feel for when they are wearing out and get dull. You will find that the jigsaw needs more pushing than just guiding it along. You may find the blade bent or warped or you may have run it up against a nail. Always check to see if the blade is mounted securely. Good luck.

and if you have a shop vac, tape the hose to the jigsaw chip port, helps with the mess.