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New KNEX ball Element Answered

I have found out this new element that works at high speeds better. When it turns I recommend you keep a guardrail below. This is better when this is high up in the air because it will get more speed.



I know a mod to this!!!!! Add a black "Y" connector to the bottom of the red connector connecting the grey rod do it. See how it works!

kinda like the "orange slide" path, no? not bad at all tho, well done

I_am_Canadian, I think if you want to start a ball machine you should find a instructable for a ball machine and then get more ideas from ball machine guides. After you do that build off of the original ball machine. Thats what I did and I used this guide: The Ultimate Guide to K'nex Ball Machine Elements Then I used this ball machine instructable to build off of: "Deux" K'nex Ball Machine.


9 years ago

Wow, this is very strang, i was trying to think up a way for something EXACTLY like this, but i used black "y" connectors on my red connectors for a smoother track.

I remember that :D! you should make a ball machine.

Im working on a small one right now :-D

oh, very cool, I'm working on one as well, its take me along time though lol..

I just made it and i believe your is better for straight ball paths than turning paths.

i already have a ball machnie thanks to one of the instructables.

Cool. Mine is very similar.

Knex ball machine track.jpg