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New Knex Crossbow Idea Answered

This new idea came from wickys crossbow, and I havnt got it working yet. The new idea is basically an autoload crossbow. You just rip the old handle off, and start on a new one, but on the new one you have red gears on the front and somewhere on the back of your new handle. The red gears need to be able to run black chain links across the handle. So you put black chainlinkson across the handle of your crossbow. On the chain links you could put a little hook, so that when the little hook meets up with the horizontal rubberband it hooks on to it and brings it back to the end of your handle. Not that it would be in any use whatsoever its just an auto load idea.If you didnt get this topic,tell me so I can make it a little more clearer. I have no camera that I can use right now ,so I cant show you what I have so far.


jea i like the idea

but it is just an idea

Yea so far my idea isnt working

Not really. hack768 1024's idea is probably better.

I messed up on this a lot, darnet.