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New Knex Sets Answered

I was recently on Knex.com where I found two new sets that had just come out Lava launch coaster and Loopin' lighting coaster. One thing I noticed on the lava one was that the main structure was made out of micro knex! WHY??????? Can't they just go back to making sets like big ball factory thats very substantial and strong rather than weak rubbish micro knex. Another example is the motorized madness ball machine which I not even sure whether it uses any normal knex. Annoyingly I think old sets or just boxes of random stuff off ebay is the only way. I would be happy to hear your thoughts.



8 years ago

That lava launch one is awesome if it was made of real knex!

all you need to do is get ahold of the instructions and build it with normal knex.

Yeah, I wish they had a PDF!

maybe someone on ebay would sell one?

oops! i seem to have posted it in all rather than in knex!