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New K'nex firing/trigger method - shotgun burst effect Answered

Meet my latest invention, the Quad Blaster. Its simplicity allows for a very compact system. Uses multiple, stacked slingshots and 'let-go' triggers that let me fire four single shots, or all four simultaneously. Check out the vid...

The ammo it shoots are yellow rods that have tan clip connectors on the ends that hook into the rubber bands. Surprisingly powerful.

I'm going to try to reduce its misfiring problem, then the Instructable for it will be underway.


What is the music called? I believe I heard it before on Battlecast Primetime.

I know that one person, iKill is already interested, and as stated in my reply to infinnion, I'm pretty busy so ... ... Anyone interested in making an instructable on this original Quad Blaster (what's shown in this video)??? I could provide a few pictures and you could figure it out from there. Could even be a collaboration, just let me know. Otherwise, iKill, respond again to this and I'll send pictures to you.

supply me with the pictures and i will post it if you wish

i meant a few pics so i can build it

You should indeed be able to build it with my pictures, just dont forget to put a green rod on the end of the triggers next to the blue rod like Perfect Duck said, because without them the triggers are very weak. I also recommend his rubberband layout.

i dont get the triggers thats the only part, if you could add just one more of the triggers then id be happy =D

Problem is I don't have this Quad Blaster anymore - it's been extensively modified that it no longer has triggers and instead a camshaft mechanism for motorization. Too lazy/busy to build another, and I don't want to lose what I have built here. (it's a component of my current project) Dutchj's got some pictures if you scroll downward here, and you can pause the movie anywhere. Go ahead with it, and good luck! :D

yes,i am also intrested too in the quad blaster,it looks like a very good weapon for my arsenal.

I already builded this quad blaster (and am working on a splodie lauching version), but I also don't have time to make an instructable out of it :(

so its 4 guns strapped together?

When are u going to post?

I got a little ambitious about the Launch It! Contest, but it turns out that even with eBay, I won't have the stuff I need soon enough to enter. Anyways, here's the reason I haven't yet posted this thing. I was able to use the four triggers of this thing in tandem with a simple camshaft that, when rotating, fires the gun four times. This had me thinking as it was the perfect weapon type to renew my old project. What I am working on is a completely motorized, completely remote control tank that requires two remote control systems, the 27mhz dragster and the 49mhz control-a-bot RC. Needs two operators, a driver and a gunner, but it will have a full-360 degree rotational and up/down height adjustment turret that uses two of these Quad Blasters for firing. I was hoping it could all be done in time for the Launch It! Contest, but they ask for a video and everything. I don't even have the dragster set yet! Either way, I'm not going to back down on it.

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! i was trying to work on a bot type thing like that but it is soooooooo hard!!! is the dragster motor the mammoth 8 battery thing? because i have that, but also i found that if you plan to use the socket on the front that spins to power the cam, it is REALLY weak.

No offence, but you use too much big words...lol I can barely understand you.


10 years ago

If you want, I could post this. Seeing as your busy and don't really have it yourself anymore, or well, modified it.

hello, im new at instructables and i have noticed that there are many knex guns and projectiles and a few targets. I was just wondering if you would like a knex clay pigeon launcher that launches black and white disk connectors, i have made it and am wondering wether or not to post it.. thatnkyou :D

That would be soo hard to hit... I use pizza boxes (like you see in the video) because pizza boxes are easy to obtain, and things that hit them leave dents and I can tell where I hit. OMG make a pizza box target holder out of K'nex.

but that is the point of the clay pigeon.....TO IMPROVE YOUR AIM LOL. any way i have already made a target holder that holds a4 sheets of paper and it would not be too hard to adjust that..... i MAY post an instructble, depends on how i feel. thanks :D:D


10 years ago

Well, it was a bit of a pain, but i managed to build this from the video. It's more powerfull then i expected at first. I've noticed that it sometimes missfires because the rubberbands can get stuck onto the ammo. Here's some pics:

Picture 6.jpgPicture 5.jpgPicture 10.jpgPicture 8.jpgPicture 9.jpg

I couldnt get all pics in the last reply, so here is 1 more:

Picture 7.jpg

Whoops, I noticed I made the back differently. Not that it's really important or something, but what the heck :P At least sets a good reference for other folks.

Picture 11.jpg

Excellent work! I see your problem, and this is definately something that couldn't be told from watching the video.

a flat-with-the-connector black clip, then a sideways black clip, then the blue rod, -then a green rod- ... it should hold the blue rod better, thus giving you the ability to lift the triggers properly. Try that.

Also, here's my rubber band setup, which tries to minimise the bullets colliding with their own bands.


I don't really get your explanation about the triggers, I can properly shoot it, only sometimes a blue rod will break of. maybe you could explain it somewhat more clearly? I'll definitely try that rubberband setup though.

ah,never mind. You meant on the green connector. I got it now, and I'll try it immediatly.

Wow, that works like a charm. I guess that's the only thing i overlooked. Together with your rubberband setup this thing is more powerfull too. I used thin rubberbands because the trigger would break with the thicker ones, but now it actually works with those as well :)


10 years ago

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Looks cool, simple but efficient system, so; Post!

you should post this is awesome!

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