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New K'nexer Answered

There is a new K'nexer on the site named tylerbuilds, and he has posted two 'Ibles, but hasn't gotten many views or comments. So far I've been the main one to talk to him. His creations are pretty good, and he shows some promise. If you could wiuld you please go to his page and check out his stuff and drop a comment or two? Also, you could give him some nice constructive tips about K'nexing. Just welcome him to the community! :)

He uses the Instructables app, so he cannot directly reply to you, so please keep checking if you have time. 



Ok will do ;)

The app does allow replies to comments on individual instructables.

It does? Which one (or is it both apps)? How do you reply on them?

Sorry, you can comment on both, but not reply directly to other comments, so you can at least leave positive comments on his work.