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New Magazine Answered

When I build a magazine for a gun I always ask my self, will there ever be a magazine that can be replacaple like on HALO 3 on the BR(Battle Rifle) when you reload you take out the ammo and replace a new stock for faster reloading? Has anybody made something like this and is this even possible? Thanks (Message me about anything like this)



Are there any possible guns that are like the SCAST but smaller since I used a lot of pieces for this 10 shot shotgun.

I forgot to say one thing. Does a longer tube for the shooting make it more accurate and what are the benefits of it and the bad things?

Pro: More accuracy. Con: Less range.

Accuracy and range go hand-in-hand, that doesn't make much sense.

No they don't... Think of it this way, the longer time a bullet is flying through a barrel, the longer time it is flying straight. This assures that it fires out straight and stays that way. At the same time, the longer it is traveling through the barrel, the more friction is built up. Friction makes the bullet move slower, thus making it shoot not as far.

But the further the shot goes the better chance you have of hitting a target oh so many units of measurement away, hence my theory. You can't tell me a weak gun has good accuracy if it won't reach the target. Of course there are obviously limitations to this way of thought.

Exactly but I found that as long as you use a smaller caliber or even up to blue and you do it just right you can make a gun with nearly no barrel (such as my assault pistols) and as little friction as possible they will be very accurate and powerful too. I think it's friction that is accuracy's worst enemy in the first place.


9 years ago

If you mean guns withe removable magazines, there are plenty here. One of them is my SCAST