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New Mechanism! Answered

I made a cool mechanism. I don't know what it can do, but maybe someone will find out. Here is a video. I also updated the pictures and video.


if i u moded it, so that can be used in a machine gun but this could be used for a double barreled shotgun

If you hadn't noticed, this thread is 9 years old, so you probably won't get a response from the author.

Perhaps it can be used as a double chain mg...

Who thinks that it could be useful and would take on the task of making a gun with it?

it could be modded into a fast semi auto gun

looks like a clock work type device

Double Barrel Shotgun

No uses yet anyone?

Its a Block trigger that moves 2 block triggers.

cnat see anything in the video. can you post a picture?

It's sorta hard to see. but it looks like a mechanical timing mechanism to make something move at a certain speed or rate.