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Thanks for joining, I hope to see many cool (cross)bows


how can i put my instructable in this group.

C:\Documents and Settings\george adams\My Documents\My Pictures\Instructables\Instructables 001.jpg

just go to that instructable and click 'add this instructable to a group' the button is on the right somewhere

Uhm that comment is so old that Instructables had a different lay-out :D

can u post ur bow

Which one? The regular i will post next week, then i have my camera again.Did a nice upgrade to it though to let it shoot even small rods.

hurryy up and post your bow man!!! its ben two weeks!!!!!!!

lol i'll make it right now, because it actually very simple, but i can't replicate the mod anymore though. With the mod it would have around the same strength as KILLERK's block trigger pistol, but would be able to shoot rods. So i'll ask my dad to lend his camera to me.

I'm very sorry, i hate this stupid camera, i first made all the pictures i needed for my instructables, even made every picture twice to be sure. But the flash of the camera screwed up ALL of the pictures..... My hands are also very sore after making this bow, because i needed to make it from scratch again and saw loads off ways to strengthen the bow, i'll make it when i get to my moms house and use the camera there, thats the same one i used for the crossbow instructable. But this is how the pictures looked like :


lol did you try to take the flash off

then i get black pictures in a well lit room :S

and i have published the instructable with about the first 4 pictures, those weren't too bad

no ur bow not ur crossbow tht crossbow looks like odalumpuses cannon not realy a crossbow... but still cool tho


11 years ago

i usually test out guns by firing them at a cardboard box from a knex set, which is sitting in my room. My lastest upgrade for my crossbow shot straight through both side of the box and made a dent in my wall, which ofcourse broke the 2 blue 3d connectors XD. This is not the ballista thing from the picture up there, but has at least the same amount of power, and has 2 rubberband chains. Will post this upgrade as soon as i'm done with my 2 other instructables


11 years ago

hi everyone i joind becaus ei made a regular bow that can shoot 50 ft with 3 rubber bands so far very stiff

Sounds pretty nice, but i need better arrows for my regular bow. Crossbow is near perfect .

i have real bows so i have ideas and arrows go to gander mtn if you have one around and get a wooden arrow for like 3 bucks or dicks (might want to get target tips)

i g2 get my cam back from my cousin then i will post

No i meant the standard one, not the ballista like thing. Can't see myself running around with that huge thing lol, is a little bit too heavy.