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New Postcard Project - Need Your Help! Answered

So I've been working on a new project to distribute through the postal system and I need some help with it. Where my previous projects have mostly been one-offs and small groups of four, this one involves over a dozen pieces to be mailed out at once.

This a very low-tech project and the idea is that they will hopefully become damaged along the way, thus "finishing" them.

Most of the pieces have already been accounted for, but there are a few left that need a destination. Any volunteers?

To get one of these you need to have a decent/good digital camera and be good at taking photos with it. Documentation is what this is all about. It would also be better if you lived on the east coast so that it has a longer trip to take.

In the end the piece is yours to do what you want with. Hang it on a wall, screw it to a telephone pole, even toss it.

So let me know if you're interested and if you're up to the task I'll get your address later via PM.

This photo is one of the pieces halfway done.

Thanks to all those who signed up for this. Please send me pics of the card. For all those who are still interested, I'm ALL OUT. My budget has been reached and I'm done for now.


Hey I am interested in one of those, if Colorado isn't too close and you happen to have more.

hey im in england is that too far english postal service isnt exactly known for its gentalness could be a good test??? maybe get a pic with some english land mark

About $4.50 by boat and $7.50 by plane. Even so, I'm not making any more of these in the near future. If there's going to be another series, I'll put a new post up in the forum.

Europe, Belgium, Antwerp to far ? Cool idea tho. ;-)

Wouldn't have been. One went to Australia and another in on the slow boat to Germany.

Got it! Looks awesome. tiny bit of wear in the corners but otherwise in perfect condition. have got a photo or two, but nothing as interesting as Samir's. Any particular poses / Sydney locations you want?


Wow! These guys have gone round the world and are still coming out in top shape. Crazy. Any picture you can think of that shows it to be in Sydney would be awesome. Doesn't have to be the opera house or anything, just something with local flavor is good.

Mine too didn't have much damage (also just a little on the corner).... I keep forgetting to get spray paint to mask our addresses before I tag something but.... If you want, I can just take some pictures and ship it to the next address instead of putting it somewhere that will have it removed and discarded :)

Keeping it moving is an interesting idea. If you have someone who'd appreciate it, then send it on. It's yours to do with as you want now.

Yeah, I'd really enjoy receiving some of your art! (If it's still available)

I might do a variation on this project this summer. For now I'm mailing off the last couple tomorrow and that's it for a little while. I need to focus on some other stuff in the next couple months.


11 years ago

I would love to have one of these if they are still any to give out

Got mine today :) I'm going to acquire some masking paint to blot away the names & addresses. Then I'll bolt it to a road sign on campus and take pictures ;)

OK, the last three cards have future homes and will be sent out soon.

My buddy Samir in Brooklyn got his and took it for a walk.Check it out

I still have three left. Sam and Trialex might get two, but there's at least one still available if anyone's interested.

Hmmm I live in Germany, I think that's far enough to damage your postcard and it won't cost too much .... wischi

I just had another idea, we could send them back to fungus and he could put them back together ..... wischi

Sure, PM me your address. The ones in America are getting through unscathed.

To all here: PM me your address. I should be getting these out within a week. thanks


11 years ago

Hey! You stole my idea! Please return it at once! :P Anyway, I've always been interested in (would it be right to call this...) interactive art, and I'd be happy to help out. The trouble I found with mine too was with who send it to, and I guess it never occurred to me to use instructables to recruit people to the cause. Thanks for the help! Oh, and is Maryland good enough?

Maryland's great. Nice to be sending something to New England that isn't Brooklyn.

Wow, In the future I should probably look my comments over before I post them: The trouble I found with mine too was...to...to me to...to...to the cause. Note to self: Get avatar picture because all the cool kids have one

Update: Am now a "cool kid." Next step: Gain the trust of the leaders of the intarblag.

Let me know if you want to try Australia...

That would be awesome. I'll have to see how much that would cost.

I'm on the east coast (Orlando, FL) and am up for it ;) I have a 3MP camera (access to a 5MP) and now have a decent tripod :P

Of course you're on the list. You were interested when I first mentioned it.


11 years ago

Hey, I'd be glad to help out. I live in Canada.. so it should encounter some distress on its way..

Should be doable. I'll send a few off to make sure that these pieces can be shipped and what the international cost would be.