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New Robot Merchandise? Answered

I'm not bragging, but I think I have about five or six Instructables patches, what with running up in contests and getting featured in the newsletter. I'm running out of places to put them. How about laser-cut rubber keyrings or zipper tags? Or Robot mugs? Any comments? Other ideas?


Ha, I just had a silly idea - different patches for different contests, about an inch across, and you can sew them to the arm of a long-sleeved Robot t-shirt. We'd be Instructa-scouts.

LOL that sure will impress the girls =)

Hey, I've already impressed all the girls I need to. I was thinking patches of the version of robot used to promote the contest (or the LED logo).

I always liked the idea of making personalized versions of those ID badges that Muffin made as an intern. You could sell those to make a pretty penny =]

But who would they mean anything to except the feature team? Most of the team are separated by whole states, even continents, and will never meet in person.

You wouldn't happen to have a picture or a link would you? I want to see one. But yes, I think that more items for sell would be nice.


10 years ago

How 'bout a yo-yo?

Kiteman, I do think the contest-specific patch idea is good!

just a thought... but how about a Robot robot? O_o

Hm... I bet they could laser-cut a fold-up 3D robot out of a piece of flexible plastic...

Sketchpads with robot on the front. Beanies Mugs However, a RC robot would be kickass.

Prizes for classroom achievements ? Maybe, going on Weiss' idea, you could personalize them before giving them to the winners

Or you could keep them "in house" too

Perhaps a "featured instructabler" section on the frontpage, with name and picture/avatar. 15 minutes of fame to the winner.

Hats. Book marks. Mousepad. Wallet. Some of these are stolen from others. Different types of patches. Backpacks. Tissue box holders! iPod skins. Towel. Pot holders. Pencils. Erasers. Markers. Stamps (as in the stamps you actually STAMP, not the ones in mail.) Mail stamps. :P Fake money bill things. Action figures. Stuffed toys. Keychains. A LOT.

I'm working on an Instructable on how to make robot action figures.
Not just any robot - the Instructables Robot.
It's going to be about 1 1/2 inches tall, a small toy.
Trying to do it soon to post it in the Share the Love contest, too bad it's a speed contest though.
I also have another Instructable on how to kill Octagons, but I don't have the time.
New Instructable being posted up today though. (By me, of course. :P)
How to make an LED Spinnie/ Rollie/ LED Cylinder-3 in 1 Instructable!

Going to be awesomeeee.

I like the keyring idea. I need a cool keychain. :D I just need to start making more things. I'm falling behind!

What about a download of the top 1K instructables? (Similar to the Wikipedia dumps you can get) The images might pose a problem, though...

Oh, it'd be cool to make stickers with those (QR?) 2D barcodes ;-) You might be able to get away w/ a light orange, or, better yet, a really faded robot image for the "background" white.

I agree with chaoscampbell, mugs and mousepads!

I nice robot instructables coffee mug would be super sweetness. I drink a lot of coffee..... I'd use that everyday.... I'd buy a couple. Not those wimpy average mugs though. I nice big mug and I'd buy a whole set

robot statues.

Could make acrylic robot trophies to give instead of plaques.

I want an R/C Robot...

You could try casting your own shell for the isobot or that other robot, what was it called?


10 years ago

Hats. Bracelets. Book markers. Mousepad. Wallet. More to come.

I think it is a pretty good idea. I have 3 patches and multiple stickers, but they never get old. A mug would be cool as well.