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New Speed Contet: T-Shirt Hacks! Answered

Have an old or boring shirt you want to update? Make an Instructables about it and enter it into T-Shirt Hacks!.

You know the drill. You have a couple weeks to put up a new Instructable and judging is done by your peers.

Good luck!


I have an idea, but no time to do it.

If you have time, but no idea, PM me. It's not a guaranteed winner, but a little of your own flair could help it on its way.

1st PM gets the idea, I'll respond tomorrow (it's past 10pm in the UK).

Hmm, and what if great minds really DO think alike (and I come up with the same idea) ? :-)

You want mine, it's yours. It might be a bit rough-and-ready for your taste, but at least you wouldn't have to clear your wife's mess out of your work-space...

If no one has beaten me to it, I have sent a PM....the least I can do is consider it :-)

Goodhart, if you don't like it, I'll take it - my idea's already been done, though not in contest. I may just do a mashup with that idea and another...

Ok, well it isn't that I don't like it, I am just not sure how to "present" it. I was kind of depressed and disappointed with myself for my entry in the Pocket contest, as it is. If I couldn't do a good presentation job, I don't want to make a mess of it, nor do I want to waste the idea.

It's alright - I'm not exactly content with my pocket contest entry either =[

PM sent back - if you don't like it, pass the idea to somebody else.

Yay! I know exactly what I'll do!

I can't wait to post some stuff, if possible!

Hmmm, :-)