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New Steampunk Game Answered

Hello everyone.
      I am involved in the development of a new MMORpg based around the Steampunk genre and we are looking for concept art to base our 3d models on. If anyone is interested in the Steampunk genre and working on an amatuer video game I would love to hear from you and see some of your work. Don't be shy!



I am interested in helping with rough concept designs. But no further. Please reply with something for me to draw.


i would like to do concept this is not my full capability https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FPG/IFF4/HF23XE2O/FPGIFF4HF23XE2O.THUMB.jpg


Hey, I'm not great at graphic design or anything like that but I did draw up this, its kind of like a minigun just steampunk inspired. It could be used by a Tf2 heavy style character or as could be used like a turret


Hey everyone,

Just an update, we're still seeking artists. We have enlisted the help of several very talented concept artists but still need more hands on this project. Check out our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/skybridgemmo

We could also use 3d modellers to start work on some of the concepts that are coming in.

-Zachary G. Siler

We need everything from characters to weapons to structures and landscapes. We will provide detailed briefs to anyone who wants to be involved. The design and feel of a lot of the things we want are laid out in text and in our minds so we can explain functionality and general direction we want to take with each element. We just lack the artistic skill to turn our design into something visually appealing. The concept art will also be what our 3d modellers will be working off of.

What kind of objects do you want folk to draw?