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New Take on the Tandem Answered

Jiang Qian has come up with a very interesting idea: bicycles (or are they tricycles?) that you can either ride alone or link up and ride with others. To top it off: the bikes are electric and fold up.

Link via core 77


they do not look terribly comfy to me, either. One interesting thing (or highly dangerous thing..) about these that struck me as I looked at the picture is that if the headsets of each bike are not locked when each rear bike is added on, i.e. the handlebars are still allowed to turn, then what would result would not be a multi-wheeled tandem so much as a segemented wheeled thing with joints between each wheel... CENTIPEDE BIKE!
Viewed from above, it would not roll down the road, but slither...

a Veloci-Centi-Serpenti-pede!

OK, wait, I am picturing what this would do to urban Chinese traffic. Oh, bloody hell, that would cause problems.

If one person starts to fall, they all go down.

The Japanese continue to amaze me...

Right, I thought it said Japanese at the top, I only skimmed.

the very fact that you missed it only furthers their crafty mystique

so how does the electric work? be nice if you could regenerate with pedals.

These might be good for those tourist tours in Hollywood. That way everyone stays together and keeps up. Personally, I think the idea of being chained to other people on a bike ride goes against most everything that biking stands for.


10 years ago

I saw these on www.gizmodo.com They look pretty awesome but the "driver's" controls look highly anti-ergonomic. Where does the driver put his feet?

Hm... apparently, there's some little footrests just behind the front wheel:


Oh I see now... still it seems like really bad design overall...

I think this design was made to be more aesthetic than ergonomic, it looks nice and probably works alright but it's still meant to be really pretty, hence the odd shape of the 'bikes'

idk i think you'd need to try it to be sure