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New ball machine and more Answered

My 4th ball machine. 2 lifts, 6 paths. I also re-sorted my knex and organized them into new drawers. Oh and my cat.



This topic is more than a year old, do you really think he still has this?

 nice and you have a lot of knex i barely have enough to make project FREEFALL

Hmm, i didnt see any yellow rods in any of the drawers.

Also, your shell gun looks sweeter than ever. Are you still posting? Oh, and I never sort my Knex out because putting it all back away again is a huge pain!

Yes eventually. I'm still working on the trigger.

Spider massacre trigger as somebody reccomended on KI. Use IaC's version of it though, works a charm, everytime!

Please can you post some more pics of your latest version? I want to build and help you out with a trigger.

Yeah sure, I just have to do some homework. I should get pics in about 30 minutes.

Sweet. I liked the version on the ball machine pics a lot more though. Smaller and cleaner. Fake barrel sucks. Still, nice gun.

Same exact gun except for grip which takes up no new space. Fake barrel can be removed. : /

AWESOME! But... I tried to build it, but it used too many green rods...

I'm talking aboiut the BBSG, lol. Speaking of that gun when're you posting? I wanna build it.

Very sweet BB, music suits it perfectly too!

Very, very nice. I made a ball machine with two lifts... epic fail :-( Yours is great though. Video?

Nice! Thats a great ball machine. Very solid. Great work!

:-0 sweet! Thats very well done. I like the solidity of it.

Thanks. I'll try to make one as soon as I can. I'm redoing my room atm, as you can see with the new drawers and such, so I'm pretty busy this week but probably by friday.


9 years ago

Looks awesome, can't believe that's only your fourth. I'm currently working on a nw ball machine called Project C(ube). It is a ball machine contained in a 6 blue rods x 6 blue rods x 6 blue rods cube.

Thanks. Haha, that will be cool. I tried making one like that, it ended up being the one with the spiral lift, I guess that means this is my fifth.


9 years ago

Awesome ball machine!! It looks VERY clean for some reason:D Looks like one you would buy:)

Oh wow, That is amazing And did you attach your flail to your ball machine?!

good job. i have made a few ball machines, but nothing like this, looks good.

thats awesome!


9 years ago

Nice one I love it!