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New bent CD not broken - can it be repaired? Answered


Heat would make the plastic more pliable, but the unfortunate effect of the different materials pressed together means that one will expand more than the other. If you heat it too much or too fast (I'd say reaching Alex's 150^o^ in a half hour or less), it will almost certainly erupt in tiny fissures and be gone forever. You'll need SENSITIVE devices to do this right, not an oven.

Like all that was mentioned, place on a flat, clean surface and heat

it would throw it in an oven at 150^o^ for an hour


8 years ago

If the aluminum film sandwiched in the plastic is cracked, its toast. If not GF has the right idea.
I am often successful at fixing warped vinyl records by placing them directly on a flat mirror, placing another mirror on top, weighting the top mirror with books or magazines, and letting it set outside in direct sunlight for several hours.

Well you can try slipping it between the pages of a big heavy book and applying some weight (a big stack of books perhaps) on it for a while.  It might also help to carefully heat the disc first.  To do that put it between a couple pieces of paper and aim a hot blowdryer at it for ten minutes. 

Anyway, if it doesn't work... you can always return it to the store to get a new one or look online and see if anyone has posted an .iso of the disc and download it.