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New computer V.S Old Printer? Answered

 Ok, so here's the problem, I have a new laptop, and an old Hewlett Packard Desklet 610 CL made in September 25, 1999, and a Asus, Windows 7, Intel Pentium Processer, with a CD drive, four usb drives, and a spot to connect to a T.V., yet this printer has a long several pronged input, and I don't have an output for it. SO, how can I either convert the printer into a USB connection, or just be able to use it with my computer? 


Even with an adaptor cable you probably will not be able to find a suitable driver for that old of a printer.

Hello you need to buy a USB adapter cable / PARALLEL. To connect a printer to the USB port with a parallel port (DB-25). USB 1.0 (up to 12 Mbps). Connector: 1 USB type A male Connector B: 1 parallel male. Gold contacts. Length 1.8. Not suitable for configurations with Mac OSX.