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New feature: comments by topic authors are identified! Answered

As part of the Answers Release, it looks like a new minor feature has been deployed. All comments from the author of a Forum topic are identified with a little "(author)" next to their username. The same is true for comments to Instructables. Very useful!


I just noticed this today. Really good idea. So much better than scrolling back up to check

The (author) is a little clunky. So, we're open to suggestions for identifying the author's comments that are easily understood by someone who is visiting the site for the first time, but don't take up much real estate.

I like your solution, Eric. The highlighting will take care of people who like Zach's scripts, while the textual "(author)" maintains clarity and accessibility.

How about do both? Still have the (author) but have their name in Blue or a yellow background on all of their comment's "DIV"'s?

How about just making their name show up blue or something?

How would someone understand this convention on their first visit?

. As long as it doesn't confuse them, I don't see it as a big deal. It is not a feature that is required to navigate the site. New users may not be able to figure out why certain posts are highlighted, but it shouldn't affect their experience.

I think its not that hard to find out mainly because a lot of sites use a similar thing to this for some reason, I mainly see yellow... if its really a big deal, its nothing an faq couldn't fix


I tend to agree with Eric on this one. Lots and lots of sites, including I'bles, use their own private colors for links (instead of respecting the browser's configuration). I don't think a random user would interpret just the color as being meaningful. Clunky or not, the "(author)" identifier is clear and unambiguous. Nacho's suggestion of "backgrounding" the name (e.g., an orange box with black text) would make it more distinctive, and is less likely to be mistaken for simple "link color" artistry.

. I saw one site that changed the bgcolor of the DIV to indicate posts by the OP. Seemed to work well.

. I like the new highlighting. Not sure I would have picked pale blue, but it works.

the greasemonkey script is only for forums unless you changed it under manage user scripts i think this is only for answers

. The author feature is implemented in forums, also. See kelseymh's replies to this (his) topic.

Yes, I noticed that the other day too, and really liked how it made things more convenient

I noticed this also! I like it, I don't have to scroll up to figure out who wrote a topic.