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New fine art photo news website, looking for contributors Answered

I'm building a fine art photo website(www.photoartnews.org) and I'm looking for contributors. If you would like to submit an article, review, instructable or idea please get in touch.  Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Lori Rogers



8 years ago

 I'm only a teen, but i can help with anything if you need it, message me!

Great, what would you like to contribute? Do you take photography in school?

 sorry, no. But what do you need. i'm good in Photoshop and i have a great passion for photography.  I could make you like a background for you web pages or a header or something. you choose what you want me to do, its your web site :) thanks for the reply though!

I'm looking for writers, not designers. If you want to write something about photography I'll post it.

like a tutorial type of writing or a bio. about a photographer? what kind of writings?

Reviews of camera equipment, photography shows, articles on photographers, anything really thats photo related.

Hi what sort of art pictures etc do you post? i take alot of mechanical and landscape shots and would love to contribute!

The website is www.photoartnews.org. I will post photos but you have to attach something with writing, talk about your work. Check out the website and get back with me.