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New handheld gaming system mod- VG pocket max speaker mod Answered

I have recently opened my vg pocket max and was disappointed fo find one one inch speaker. I ripped it off and am deciding if I should go with a bigger speaker . PLEASE RESPOND



9 years ago

yeah, the system might not have enough electricity dedicated to the sound system to power a bigger speaker. An amplifier is basically a second volume control hooked up to a double A battery or something. You would leave the systems volume all the way up, and then just control the volume through the amplifier.


10 years ago

A bigger speaker may not neccaseraly mean more sound unfortunately. Although it could look pretty cool. You'd probably need some kind of amplifier, which you could build from scratch if you've got a bit of electronics know how, or if you dismantled some portable stereo speakers which you can probably pick up pretty cheaply and install the amp from them inside it along with a new speaker.