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New house, living in loft, need furniture, help? Answered

I'm moving into a new house. Decided to move into the loft. Basically, it's the V of the roof, like an attic. I can just barely stand in the center, but I expect to do little more in there than sleep, use the computer (at a desk, IE sitting), and poo (there's a bathroom, weird, huh?). I can use an air mattress, so that's easy. Now I just need ideas for a cheap desk (I'd put the computer on the floor, but I sit for hours, because I'm a lazy-ass and a nerd, so it's gotta be comfy) and a way to store clothes (lotsa shirts, socks, some pants, regular stuff) without big-ass bulky dressers. Everything has gotta fit in an attic-style hole in the ceiling and go up a ladder. Ideas?


I appreciate all the resonses. Sadly, we got screwed out of moving into that house. Sorta sucks.

re: mattress what abt using children's puzzle foam? the ones that are made of foam and look like huge pieces of jigsaw. or you could get a few yoga mats..

For a desk, get a big sheet of ply (as big as will go through the hatch, anyway), and fix it with hinges to the slope. Fasten the front edge to the roof with cables or cords. When you're done with the desk, lift it up against the roof, latch in place. For the shirts, string a cord tightly along one side of your roof, tacked to the roof every foot or two. String another cord along the roof, about 18 inches, 2 feet further down, tacked to the roof less often. Put the shirts on hangers on the top cord, tuck them behind the lower cord.

Check out the cardboard box desk ible. For the clothes, how about milk crates? Or more boxes...

Thanks for the suggestions. I can probably scope out some desks at yardsales and such. A door is probably too big to fit up there. It's got a little "desk" built into the wall, but it's probably for very small children. It's tiny. I have a shitton of clothes. Mostly shirts. Any suggestions here?

That must be a new metric measurement, haven't heard that one before. Haha.

Hahhahaha, that is hilarious! Added new word to my dictionary*

For kids today - "metric or cubic, whatz the diff?" Sad...

i hear the cool kids make em out of fed ex boxes in case you want to be hip and rad

As it turns out, airbeds are VERY pricey. I could more or less buy a real bed and a cheapo mattress for that price, so the only real advantage is portability. Any suggestions for a good bed that I can fit up there under 100 bucks? My roommates said they got a roll-up bed from Ikea for like 80 bucks, but I can't find it online, and the closest Ikea is about a 2-hour drive.

There's always IKEA stuff that you can get through the hatch and build it in your room. If you have low ceiling height, why not get one of those video rocker chairs and find a low coffee table to fit under to use as a desk. Or get a thin width door blank from the home centers and prop that up with cubes or storage crates to use as a desk.

Your living in the attic reminds me of this I hope that is not the situation.

I too, live in the loft, it's a little bigger than what you described, but not by much (it has a deck though, weird, huh?).

Cardboard Cubbies! I made some instead of a dresser.

Desk, I'm not sure. You might be able to get a desk at a yardsale (yay yardsales!), and chop the legs in half. Desks come very cheap at yardsales, like ten or fifteen bucks, depending on what they're selling.

Another desk idea: For going up ladders and such, try stacking a couple of cinderblocks on top of each other, and plywood on the top. It's cheap, easy, and it can be easily dissassembled.