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New inventor seeks industrial designers...... Answered


I am inventing a new golfing product.  I have a working prototype and I'm filing my patent now.  But I needs some help with improving the design.  I'm not a professional designer but I have some mockups in Sketchup.  I am looking for someone with experience designing commercial products in solid works.  

The product is going to be made out of plastic and it's has a few moving parts.  For the most part it is very simple but I want to make it into a higher quality product.  If your are interested in working for me as a consultant, let me know and I will send you an NDA to sign.



Hey Joe,

I am AJ Papillon, I am a manufacturing engineer and I crate solid models and design fixturing for component manufacturing. I have my own company Advanced CAD / CAM Programming LLC. I specialize in creating solid models and manufacturing fixtures and CNC programming. I can work for royalties to keep your startup costs down. If you are interested you can contact me at aj@g0cadcam.com or mrcnc@hotmail.com

Not clever to post your email address in a public forum - best to communicate by PM.


3 years ago

What kind of compensation are you offering, and can this be done entirely online?