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New kind of contest launching January 24th Answered

Starting this week, we will be running a new kind of mini-contest similar to the wonderful Weekly Challenges being run by mikeasaurus, scoochmaroo, and randofo. These new contests won't be too far out of the ordinary, but they're different enough I felt compelled to provide a heads-up to you loyal readers. Allow me to answer your imagined questions.

What are these new contests called?

Academic Challenges.

What's the difference between these and a Weekly Challenge?

The main difference is, um, academic. Project submissions should be usable by a teacher. I will include a list of the relevant standards for the subject matter, so pick one and make a hands-on project for it. Not too hard. We just need the answers to be useful in the classroom. 

You can also submit a Guide. As long as the projects within the guide are all related to the topic of the Academic Challenge, that is. Just make sure every project is clearly tied to the academic standards we're looking for. (That'll put the majority of the work on hunting for good projects and writing good intros. Perfect for contestants who are too busy to make, but not too busy to search.)

How long do these last?

Two weeks. Or more, if two weeks isn't enough time to get some awesome and useful projects. But the first one will be two weeks, and the term of the contest will be clearly indicated on the contest page.

What's the point of an Academic Challenge?

To help build projects that teachers can use in demos or for hands-on projects with their classes.

Well, that's cool I guess. Now what?

Get your apples out, because the first Academic Challenge will be about Newtonian physics. And it starts tomorrow.

Don't have any ideas? Was your last experience with Newtons primarily fig-based? Get hunting now for cool projects that demonstrate Isaac's big ideas and make a GUIDE. (I really want some guides, guys. Make guides.)


Looks like I found this information too late... ;(

Aside from following you... (which I did), is there an easier way to find weekly challenges? I'm still fairly new to Instructables, and if they aren't featured, I tend not to find them until its too late. Any tips would be appreciated. :)

I agree! It would be nice if there was an easy way to find these other contests. I second the idea of having them somewhere else on the "contest page."

Keep up the great work everyone!

I've suggested elsewhere that there should be a link to challenges on the front page.

I sure hope someone listens to (and implements) your suggestion. It is needed. :)

I do too. The email subscription-messaging system at Instructables is always delayed. Usually by several hours, but often by 2 or 3 days. 8-/

The editors fight for that center spot on the homepage to announce our challenges. It is, perhaps, not an ideal method for communicating what we're up to. Kiteman's suggestion has been heard, and I'll try to get it implemented.

lol... let's get carried away... or did I? ;-)

Anywhere would be fine... even posting it below contests would work (on the right side column). :)

I've noticed this too... and that's why I rely on getting notified through email. It clogs up your inbox, but you'll get comments etc, much faster that way. ;)