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Another new k'nex machine gun Answered

I have just had a really good idea for a semi or full auto gun, although I do have a tendency to make weird guns but by all means try to make this one.

Right here goes,

You have arms 'thing that holds string' attached to the barrel by a hinge, there is a spring or rubber band underneath, when you pull the trigger the arms let go of something that keeps them back, the spring (or rubber band) will fling up making the string taught, which pushes the firing pin. The arms also push forward the slides on rails, they hit the springs at the left side and rebound with enough force to push the arms back down, then repeat.


-It's quite compact
-I'm thinking it might be powerful
-It's new
-and if someone makes the mech I�ll put it in an L85A2.


-Hard to make
-Brain-bogglingly difficult to understand (just think about it a few hundred times and that's me!)

I hope the drawing's detailed enough, sorry bout no pics of the real thing (I'm not very good at fixing things together).

Hope someone makes this.

Bye =D

If you don't understand or are just wondering bout something just post a comment.


A little bit hard to understand, but I get your concept.... I will try to make a gun similar like this however everyone else is right about the transferment of energy therfore I will have to mod it.

Newton's Law...I forget which. Basically you can never get an equal amount of energy back. Some of the energy is always being transferred. No matter what you'll have things like the air taking away energy from the rig. What if we could some how use gravity though?

actually, it's not a newton law. it is the law of conservation of energy: energy is never made or destroyed, but just changes form.

Yeah I know sorry. My physics as last year... I know that was called the Law of conservation of energy but I was trying to remember which Newton law that might have applied to. Figured out none really had a close relation my bad.

is the L85A2 also the L98 or the SA80 if its the L98 it is an awesome gun to fire but its a semi auto but if its the SA80 i've yet got to fire it but its fully auto, however they are still really awesome looking rifles.

Have you ever fired an L98? I hate them. I get about 2 stoppages per mag :(

Odd that you would want it in an L85A2. I've always thought it was an ugly gun. Easy to use and strip though.


1) It's British
2) I personally think it looks nice
and 3) It's BRITISH

Suppose it's not too bad, compared to some. I still dislike the mag-in-stock idea though. Makes it a pain to use sometimes (literally, if you cock it after firing and catch a hot casing on your wrist, it's happened to me before).

Nope. Look up a picture of an l95a1 rifle; you should see that when you pull back to cocking handle your wrist comes in line with the ejection port. I have learned to wear a watch on that wrist ;)

oh by the way for some reason it went all weird here so don't mind and if someone makes the mech I�¢â�¬â�¢ll put it in an L85A2

sorry, but it can never work. the only way you could get the springs to push the firing pin back is if they were always compressing on the slide.(the force on each side (firing pin rubber band and spring)in the best conditions would get equilibrium right were the spring begins.). the spring is needed in that spot just so it can push the firing pin back( one 25 of a inch less and the trigger could not engage after one shot). but because of this the firing pin has no way to speed up to get the shock force that you need to compress the spring which would need to be more powerful then the continued force of the rubberbands. because of this you would have to have the firing pin be pulled back very far from the spring that pushes it back so it can gain momentum and shock force to push the spring the little it would be able to and shoot the round. your problem is that your firing pin will always be stuck at equilibrium between the spring and the force of the firing pin, so it would never fire. if you made the spring weaker then the firing pin to make it fire the spring could not push the firing pin back to engage the trigger. and if the spring was more powerful then the firing pin it could not shoot. simply put, it can't work. (that is physics for ya)

Oh, well most of that just went in one ear and out the other, but I see your point. Shame... I really wanted to make a L85A2. Thanks for looking anyway =D

Yeah God forbid we don't get energry from no work...

The force of friction on the rails will act against the force thus reducing it, so will the heat that the friction produces, the noise on impact and the trigger's friction.

are you thinking that the sping will push it back to full cock?

it wont work the springs can't not ever give back the full energy of the bolt laws of energy sorry