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New member interest Answered

Hey there this is AcidBass just wanted to see what kind of things are new members interested in and Lonewolf and I can see who we can get you in touch with (someone that is into the same things you are and maybe is more experienced).


hi im a new member and i like stragte and scifi stuff if it is possable i would like to meet someone

hey well welcome to the ibles community and if your looking for scifi stuff this is your domain you can try looking in the forum topics and groups (I am pretty sure there are multiple groups for scifi stuff) but I will see who I can get you in touch with.

thank you i am happpy to know that there are others interuged in scifi

hey no prob umm something you might want to look at just type scifi into the search bar and see if you like anything but also look at M.C. langers stuff

I'm looking into starting a business selling homemade cosmetics and beauty products like lotions, shampoo, acne treatments, cleansers, salt rubs, lip colors, eye makeup, etc. I've got a pretty good working knowledge of herbs and essential oils. Right now I'm definitely looking to collect recipes for the bases to try and hand make the products from start to finish. Any good recipes or information sources would be greatly appreciated.

cool i will see who i can get you in touch with

Thanks, I would really appreciate it. After all, I would really like someone to talk to about the effectiveness of different recipes, and I'm also looking into the effectiveness of different natural preservatives like grapefruit seed oil and liquid germall plus.

I would actually look in the recipes section of our site if you go to the Living tab then it should show up i will also talk to some people i know

please feel free to post your interest and I will see what I can do to help you out