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New mp3 user needs help. Answered

I have an MP3 player (for the first time) and haven't figured out how to download free audio books from Gutenberg as files to my computer.  (The MP3 player's manual assumes that I have audio files on my computer.)  I don't want to listen to them on my computer... I want to move files to my computer and from there to the player.   Can anyone point me to instructions (suitable for  Luddites) on how to do this?



Best Answer 4 years ago

I think you are trying to download a streaming file. You need to look for the zip file and download that. Create a folder on your desktop and download the zip file there, open the folder you created and extract the files. The extracted files will be MP3 files that should play on your player.


Answer 4 years ago

Oh, and if you want a lot more public domain audiobooks, go here:


They're all free and open source.

Progress! Went to libivox. Downloaded a zip file. Opened it, and tried to move the MP3 files to the player. Is it normal for the extracted files to take six hours to copy to the player?

What kind of MP3 player are you using and did the files unzip without problems when you extracted them? What did you use to open the zip file?

Woo Hoo! It works! Thank you, Burf!

It's a MP3/MP4 CAMEX model 152-A

I just double clicked on the zip file and it opened without problems.

Six hours? No, I wouldn't think so. Copy speed can vary depending on the player, the size of the file and transfer speed but six hours way too long. I have a Sansa Fuze and I can copy a 500 MB file in about five to ten minutes.

Did you try playing the MP3 on your PC and did it work there?

It plays just fine on the computer. Thank you! I may try moving the files tonight... just in case it does take six hours. I have a USB 2 but expect to have something faster on a newer computer in the near future.

Download the MP3 version of the audio book you want to your computer. Plug in your MP3 player. Open it like a thumb drive or folder. Drag and drop the file you downloaded into the player. That's all there is too it. Unlees it's some propriatary player like an iPod that requires iTunes or some other player that requires propriatary software to upload files to the device.

Thanks you, but I think I'm doing something wrong that's so totally obvious that no one else needs to be told. When I click on the MP3 version to download it, it just opens and plays on my computer. With non audio books, I click on it and save a file to a folder in my computer.

Then you need to find the option to download it if possible.

When I click on 'download', it starts to play. The list is for MP3 downloads. I think we're getting warm here, though, by getting down to super basics. Assume I'm a five year old who can read and follow directions but is totally clueless. I really appreciate your efforts to help and won't be insulted if you suggest things you don't think anyone would need to be told.

Try the right click menu. Usually "save as" will allow you to save the file to whatever folder you want with out opening it.

Good idea.... I just tried the right click. I see I can "save link as", but no "save as" for files.