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New name, new instructables Answered

Hi everyone. My previous name 222222222539 was not only long and annoying but stupid and pointless, so I decided to change it to Electroinnovation. Also, from this point forward, I will only be bringing you technological and electrical instructables, starting with my compact electric scooter and multi-color bike underglow. I am currently awaiting for parts for both but I expect them to be finished within the next month. So from now on expect many great innovative instructables, most with very detailed instructions, coming from me about every month or so.


Great move! However, do not look past how useful that knex might be for future projects!

I got about 3 years use out of my knex laptop stand.

I look forward to your two new projects. Take your time, take lots of pictures. Patience is the key to a good ible.

wow. Well i wont because I'm sure i will end up making some custom plastic pieces for my projects by melting down knex or something. lol :)


7 years ago


Well finally a name change topic that isn't entirely useless.

no more knex weponry?????? : - (