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New nerf gun Answered

This awsome gun is coming around spring 2008 it the cs6 recon




5 years ago

And now it sucks :(

HOLY CRAP THATS FREAKIN SWEET!!! Do you know how much it will cost and how far the range is? Thats so cool! I just sold my longshot so i might get this! NERF ROCKS!

haha pwnage i put it in paint and inverted the colors!

but i want it now it's sooooooo coooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just got one at toys r us realy cool love that you can make it a pistol

you got one?

sweet and i will get it in 2008.

Hmm, I foresee a pump-action mod coming.....

ahhh. that would be sick. 1 question: how would a pump fit over a clip? well if any one can figure it out, sum1 on nerfhaven will.

Doesn't have to. It could go on the barrel or something. Haven't you been on NH recently? There are a couple of forums on shotgun upgrades for the longshot. CS is actually selling kits.

cs? yes, ive been on nh almost every day, and ive seen the shotguns. i know what you mean, sorry about that

CS is captain slug. He and boltsniper are probably the best homemade guys there are.

have you seen captian slug's new +bow? it is a homemade version of the original nerf xbow. he has an instructables on it.

aah yes, captain slug. Boltsniper is pretty much the god of nerf.

It actually comes out this Saturday. Check out nerfhaven.com.

Does anyone know where to buy the replacement dart clips for this, i need more than one for convenience and can't find them anywhere?

the clips are the same as the long shot clips go on nerf.com.

Sweet. Can't wait to mod that..... (-.-)

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sorry its not extreme nerf its nerfreeks

It's a shame Nerf costs so much.

i am building a nerf gun outa pvc for under25 an itll proly work better than one too

Yeah I saw this a few days ago also, it is awesome!