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New project! you wont believe it! Answered

i am in the process ofdeciding whether i should post an instructable on making a desk top soldering press that will cost less than 25 dollar. it will be able to solder up to 14 gauge wire. i have it working so dont think its a fake. if anyone is interested i will post it, so what do you think?



Daft question - of course post it.

If it doesn't work, you'll get told soon enough, won't you?

(Don't forget to proof-read it for spelling, grammar and use of capital letters before you post it, though.)

According to your law (1st?) he must post it.

Zeroth- If an Instructable exactly like yours has not already been posted, then you shall post your Instructable.

Like I said "...of course post it..."

I don't believe it! So post it and prove me wrong!

I guess you should post it too, I would definitely try it out, I am too interested in it, and it sounds awesome. :-)

sounds pretty awesome, I'm about to make something similar, but different. It's a spot welder that has2 copper electrodes (plumbing parts) that one is stationary and the other goes up and down. You put to small pieces of metal between, lower the 2nd electrode, flip a switch and a capacitor bank welds them together.

Sure, post it! I am interested! It sounds pretty nifty.