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New proposed legislation to make English the official language of the United States. Answered

There is new talks to make English the official language of United States. Although some states have made English their official language it is interesting to see that sometimes more than one language is recognized as official. I agree that English should be the official language of the nation. As a matter of fact is the de facto language of the land. The problem I see is people trying to push the law in areas where is not necessary. English could be used for government business but the use of any language while engaging in commercial, religious, or personal use should not be prohibited. Imagine someone eating at a restaurant and being told to leave the premises because his or her use of her native language offends other patrons. I see this last scenario the misguided and extreme interpretation that some people will try to give to this new legislation.


I would love to see the movie Windtalkers, about the Navajo marines that help win the war in the Pacific. That is a great example of how being able to speak more than English help to achieve higher goals.

Yeah, and even aside from the inherent benefits to preserving linguistic diversity, I feel that the comic (as originally pointed out on the xkcd forums) illustrates the absurdity of people who get self-righteous about "them foreigners who don't learn the 'merican language and are overrunning our country!" when that is EXACTLY what the ancestors of every living American (First People excepted, of course) did.

Switzerland is an example of a country with three official languages and enjoys national unity. In contrast, Spain has one official language and it has, at times, violent opposing factions.

I heard that everyone in Switzerland is armed and also has a bed in a nuclear-bunker. But the Swiss army doesn't have things like tanks and aeroplanes...


Although this is off topic, I also heard that swiss citizens have more weapons per household than Americans and have very small number of homicides by guns compared to the US. For Americans it is a right to carry weapons and for a swiss citizen is a duty as a citizen to keep these weapons and respond to defend their land whenever they are called. When the American constitution was written, Americans were afraid of a dictator taking over the new goverment. By guaranteeing their "right to bear arms" they could keep their guns and fight the despot. The idea was to form militias to be ready to respond. Nowadays many paranoid people and reactionary groups hide behind the Constitution to amass a large number of guns.

What is the official language of the United States at the moment?


It doesn't have one.

Roughly half the states have adopted English as their official language, but there is no nationally-official (federal) language.

(We also lack a formally-adopted official language, but English is our de facto language.)

Yes. The rhetorical point is; why does the USA need an official language now after however many hundreds of years and immigrants?
The answer is that the English speakers are getting worried about the non-English-speakers, it's a reaction from xenophobic-roots.


Or possibly single-language bureaucrats avoiding looking inadequate compared to polyglot immigrants?