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New release with changed Answers format? And search capability! Answered

Looks like there was an unannounced update over the weekend.  The new search boxes for forums and Answers are a most welcome addition; thank you!  I notice that the thumbnails have been abandoned on the Answers listing; that's probably for the best, as only more experienced users were likely to notice that you could add images at all.


The customisable drop-down menu has also changed, losing usefulness (IMO).

The customisable menu is completely ignoring the settings on your account, rather than being "changed" I suspect....

Wut ? BREAKING a function ? Now I can't see what I want on my customisable menu. Great.

Batman, to the internet stats and analysis...it has shown time and again that you should ignore the actual users of the site since they do not know the audience that views the site.

Yes, this is true.

(The release was just within the hour before you posted!)

Awww :-( And now it's gone again. Well, maybe next time...

That was the release codenamed Chesire Cat. QA needed to go back over it one more time since it did not generate enough user outrage when rolled out.

Yup, it's been QA'ed to Autodesk products fine useability standards.