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New removable magazine for knex rifles (with pictures) Answered

I recently began construction on my up-and-coming knex M4 carbine assault rifle and in about 2 hours of tinkering, I designed a brand new type of removable magazine for any type of knex gun. The way it is right now is using 10 dark gray connectors as ammo, but is easily mod-able and is extremely reliable. The way it works is based on the original "push up" system, but in an easily removable form and slides/clicks into place without any hassle, almost like a real magazine would. I am very excited for this idea and I hope that it will soon be used in a hopefully working knex gun (i haven't had much luck with any ideas besides this one lately). The only bad thing about it is the way i made it requires 2 modded orange connectors (they were already broken for me) so that you don't accidentally shoot two bullets or jam the gun. I also have 2 types of grenades that use motors to fling shrapnel everywhere, and require no reassembly...these are soon to come...


Grenades that require no assembly? Wow, that means that it is just one piece! (Or maybe you meant that no ammo is required to be be fixed on?) ?) Cool, just realised that this makes a pirate smiley!

no the grenades are wound up and locked (using a spring motor)and you fill them with shrapnel...you throw it and when it hits the ground with its "pin" (the bottom of the grenade...gear sticking out)it unlocks, and the gears inside fling the shrapnel to distances much greater than regular knex grenades the last picture is one of the grenades

yeah i just saw the new instructable for the gernade...I havn't built it yet but it looks pretty sweet but doesn't it kinda ruin the whole feature of a gernade to blow itself and use itself for shrapnel. Man I had a wickid idea for a gernade if you used fireworks...yeah you could put those in almost any knex gernade but a rather simple design i thought up would have an awsome blast in which pieces would for sure fly horizontally in different directions covering a complete 360. Lol and then I was thinking on make a pin system where you attach a match to a rod then put some lighting paper from like a match box right next to the match and fuse of the firework...nothing more realistic than pulling a pin and cooking of a gernade before you chuck something about to blow your face off if you don't.

haha sounds cool actually alot of grenade casings do not get destroyed in the blast lol...something i learned recently

i know. It's not like the whole thing would be blown to pieces. Well I'm stuck on new ideas for a gun. I mean I have a gun i want to make but I have no ideas for a new system. Anyone got any ideas? Just give me a reasonable feature of some gun and I'll try replicating it and posibly the gun itself. It's easier when I have something to base it on. I'm good at building the idea not coming up with my own most the time and it figures and good ideas I do get are usually something I have no clue how to start with.

haha make a full auto gun that works with a motor and looks like an m16 lol thats what ive been trying to do for a while now

well making and M16 would be easy peasy but dude I don't have any sorts of motor. Besides getting one strong enough to go fast enough and yet powerful enough is a real challenge. And I'm thinking more on other features besides semi or full auto...

ya thats what i've been working on...as you can see with this forum topic

this pisses me off the same thing happened on you tube some guy made my gun and wrote they made it

It happened with my Magic Duct Tape Wallet on myspace, but I didn't get as mad as this...

I apologies for giving you crap. its just I take grate pride in my work and when I saw this it looked like a copy with 1 new thing to it but I see it is a little more innovative than my original design....you beat me to it. I was also working on some thing like this but with a diagonal handle and diagonal mag(for a more realistic look and feel)

oh on this there is no handle...the back was a basic block trigger setup for testing the mech out... the magazine reciever part would be in front of the "diagonal" handle like an M16 or M4

If you didn't, then you shouldn't feel guilty! Just ignore him, and he'll go away!

lol i don't mind him I mean he has a point as copying work is commonplace on this website I am not guilty, and I hope people can build off of this design

...... DUDE THATS MY MAG DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!(FROM THE GLOCK 23)!!!!!!!!

first of all, I have not seen your glock23 until 2 minutes ago. second of all i looked at your gun and it is similar, but not the same Also, yours is for display while mine actually works. Also yours just slides into the gun, mine clicks into it and you should probably look more closely at my pictures I have never even built your gun, although it does look good

1 it looks JUST like my mag (with 1 or 2 different things.

2the mag I designed did work but I changed it for the sake of power

3mine does lock in place


5 the mag still is not new if I posted it already

1 its not that complicated of a design so it is pure coincidence 2 mine also uses a plunger but in a removable form 3. mine locks in completely in a different way ( uses the sides of the reciever) 4 you are welcome 5 mine is not yours and mine does work differently

well technically speaking it is, because when used in your gun it was for show, but in mine it will have full working capabilities. Also you have to realize that it may look like yours, but it is a common yellow connector design, and has been used numerous times for guns on here.

Ugh....long story short it is just not a new DESIGN.

true it isnt a new design. But if you can find me another gun with a WORKING version of this that clips in and is completely and easily removable and I'll change my name to Sally

you sed it your self its not new so why does the title say new?

here's why: 1. There are no other guns with removable magazines like this...and don't say yours does because yours does not load the gun with ammo and is just for show 2. It is a new design for magazine

the mag is based off mine only thing is that it loads the bullets in to an upper receiver the mag is not new the loading system is. there for not 100% new


man this is pretty cool. I was trying to come up with something like this for some while now...where were you when i was making my STG44!!? this would have been perfect for it. Well I'm also working on one for my new sniper rifle but its for a contest so I'm not going to use this...but you are helping me come up with ideas.

dude I FU@#$&g; hate it when people do this

it doesn't hold the bullets in when outside of the gun meaning you have to hold the pusher down.

i have it now so when you have them out of the gun, they hold the bullets in but when you push the mag up into the gun it moves out of the way i'll post pictures later