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New shed, new toy, new skills Answered

I've got a new shed!  I am now the proud possessor of two sheds.

The new one is just storage - garden chairs, tents (we have six tents, but there are only four people in the household - how did that happen?), lawnmower etc, which means I now have something novel in my original shed - space to work!

At the same time, I've bought myself a new toy - a scroll saw (or fret saw, if you prefer), a Ferm FFZ-400N, if you're bothered by that kind of thing.  It's second hand, and only has one speed and no manual, but it was also only £20.

So, I'm now practising - I bought some cheap ply, and I'm working on a new project, which I hope to post by Wednesday.  Unfortunately, there's a bit of a hiatus, since I've managed to snap the only blade I had.  What the heck, that's why they come in packs of ten, but I can't get a pack until Monday.

Oh, and the shed:

6x4 foot "lap" shed from B&Q, bought as a kit because I couldn't buy the raw materials anywhere near as cheaply.

Basically, I got what I paid for - I spent as much time fixing the manufacturing faults as I did building it.  There are three fixes visible in the shot below, plus three fixes inside, not to mention the six or seven places where you can see daylight through the timber, and the very flexible window that will probably get sucked out by the first storm of winter...

If you need a shed, and can only afford £135, then save up for something better.




6 years ago

Congrats! About the shed, and the saw. Don't feel bad about snapping a blade, it happens fairly often on scroll saws depending on the work you're doing and the blade you're using. Definitely get a supply of different sizes when you can afford to.

I also suggest removing that hokey plastic shield, as it'll only obscure your view of the work.

I now have blades, in a selection of tooth-counts and thicknesses, and I have posted my first Instructable for a while.

Oh, I have about 20 scrollsaw blades and no scroll saw (it died unfortunately) . I'll get another sometime!

Step 2 in Kitemans plans for world domination ?

Cheap sheds aren't very good, but they're better than nothing, especially if it frees up space elsewhere!


Most of the discussions with my wife are derived from my own lack of space to work, and the subsequent invasion of "public" spaces. So I'm seriously considering the possibility of tearing down the shed in the backyard, and rebuilt it on two floors, to have my own workshop. My real problem is I am a compulsive keeper, I keep all old things... It is stronger than me.

Unfortunately, all that empty-looking space has a horrible attraction for her - she has started suggesting that all sorts of other things get stored in my workshop space "for now", which is why I had to buy the second shed in the first place.

Perhaps if your pending project gets enough views the managment could "gift" you another shed for Kitewife to use ;-)

grats on getting working room thanks to the new shed.

now you just have to post a "no big bad wolf allowed" sign and your new shed should be ok :)

Yay!! Congratulations! :D A new shed is the best feeling in the world.

But we need a picture of the proud maker inside of it!

I already don't fit - I've filled it with all the junk that was stopping me getting near to my workbench.

Where the scroll saw is stood in the second photo, that space used to be filled with garden chairs and an old fish-tank, but now I have the space to walk around the outside of the bench the saw is stood on.

In fact, I am now able to work comfortably in the shed on a cold, wet and windy night, without having to climb over stuff to get in, or pile it out in the rain.

Wait, I'm confused - you do or don't have space to work comfortably...?

I didn't, but now I do. The stuff filling the floorspace of the old shed is now filling the new shed.

Ah! I see. What projects are in the works, then?

I should have a one-dimensional board-game posted by Wednesday (I've got a slight delay, because I snapped the only blade I have left, and I can't get more until Monday).

You lucky boy....