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New slingshot mech/trigger Answered

I want to keep this brief whilst still remaining informitive, please excuse hurried typing

hey guys

been playing around with knex and found a mech that works. camera cable still lost, paint diagram below instead.

to load band is attached to anchor at front, rod it then push/pulled through mech till trigger clickes into place, pulled further and rod is removed, ammo carefully placed back into mech (hollow back) trigger can then be pulled to fire.

resultant gun is basicly silent, only one band can be used at a time. plans for a repeating version are still sitting around in my head.

sorry for brief explanation, was kinda busy

seeya later



7 years ago

seen this before

What's the advantage of this over other slingshot systems?


it would be easier to get a repeat mech for this to work than most other slingshot designs

There was a variation of this mech done by Jollex that got a good repeating sling mech.