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FIXED: New solar panel icon doesn't align with new SOLAR category tab Answered

The new solar-panel icon, advertising the sponsored Solar pseudo-category, does not properly line up with the tab with which it's supposed to be associated.

UPDATE 17 Nov 2010:  The positioning has been fixed, by replacing the image-only link to "Gifts" with something shorter.


Fixed. Shift+refresh (or a hard refresh) to if you're still seeing it.


7 years ago

Funny on my browser (Firefox 3.6.12) it sits on top of the play tab. I was puzzled as to what it was until I saw the new solar tab.

Interesting! I'm also using FF 3.6.12, and it's sitting where my capture shows. What OS are you running? I'm on MacOS 10.5.8.

From checking the page source, it appears that they are using <DIV> markers to try to position the various graphics. I don't know whether a more complex CSS, where the graphic could be tied to the actual tab, would make any difference (or is even possible).

...Sigh. I should not be trying to do Rachel's job for her....

Windows XP service pack 2. I see it is fixed now.

Looks like this has been fixed, after some real-world tweaking :-)


With me the solar panel is gone but now under the "solar" tab is another identical solar tab that is partially concealed by the instructables ad. clicking on both links brings you to the same page....

(see added picture for a clearer picture ;) )


I just noted that too. Tracked.