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New to LED wiring, could someone help me make sure I got everything right? Answered

OK, I had some outdoor lights in front of my house and along my driveway that have been thoroughly trampled or run over. The lights themselves are pretty much completely destroyed, but the wiring is still intact. I have a few questions on this. First, I'm pretty new to wiring still, I haven't had much of a chance to tinker with anything yet. Should I read a few more Instructables about LEDs and wiring before attempting anything? Second, I'm smart enough to know that working with power from the house would be a bad "first project" when it comes to electricity. Is there an Instructable out there that would be appropriate for learning what I need to know? Last, I don't know what tools I would need to working with the house power. Currently, the wiring is attached to a timer (which I have unplugged since the majority of the current lights are broken)... I have a soldering pen tool and 50 white LEDs and some misc resistors, but that's about where it ends. Do I need a continuity tester (is that what they're called) to measure the current going through the system? Like I said, I'm really new at this. I'd hate to wire everything up and then have it all blow up when I finally turn it on. I was thinking about making something pretty basic, like taking empty pop bottles and tossing 3 or 4 LEDs in there. The plastic should bend instead of break if stepped on, and it should throw light out decently (not looking for a lot of illumination). I'm worried that the pop bottles might collect rain water or something, which wouldn't really mix with electricity. I'm still trying to think of the housing, I just want to actually use the current wiring instead of having a bunch of broken lights lying around. Thanks for all of your help! If you want pictures of the wiring I can provide them. Basically there's the main cable that's plugged in, then there are nodes that attach to the cable with two wires coming out of it (assuming they are positive and negative :) ... I don't need this now, but it's something I want to get done before the end of summer.


(the lava-rocks look like "slag", i.e. industrial-waste) See other post for some kind of answer. L

Ok, post the picture and I'll check it.

Alex, I posted the picture, sorry it took so long.