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New transformer. Answered

Here's the new transformer that I am making with only one set. Sorry for bad pictures (webcam), I have no batteries for my real camera.


Spizziffle! Love this, dude. Great jorb!

Lol... jorb +P Belated Thank you. +P

cool but its not made out of knex

Your point is? Legos are a much better material to use to make complicated transformers such as this one. If you were to make an exact replica of this with k'nex, it would be much bigger and impossible to transform. It probobly wouldn't look as good either.

yeah your rite but knex are better for guns legos are for details

I am working on a lego sentry machine gun out of a mindstorms set. It will look around a room until someone walks in, then it shoots lego pieces.

it doesnt work, I cant program it to continuously look around a room until it sees something

Ha ha. I bet I could. I'll force the command into it .+P

with a sledge hammer? Cause if so, it doesn't work, I tried.

No, with my mind powers. And yelling a lot...

Ahhh, gotcha. Well, I have to go to sleep, but what are you doing up at 1:15 AM, my friend?

Sweet! Looks like one of those lightweight fast strike mechs! It kinda looks like that Citroen robot, don't you think? 0.o I've probably been watching it too much.

Did you see the other pictures I posted?

They're in the old "Transformer + )" post.