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New water heater Answered

Oh please help me decide( and more importantly convince my buzz word influenced wife), I want to replace my current hot water heater, there's nothing wrong with the current one other than being 18 years old, meaning it's a ticking time bomb waiting to flood my house. So anyways, the local gas concern has partnered with local contracters Tankless install $25 a month of 60 months, minimum spec heater, does not include expensive, required stainless steel venting. $450 rebate Tank heater 40 gallon install $10 a month sixty months, includes venting $350 rebate Now the no brainer, my gas bill is averaged at $41 a month, $30 is actual gas charges, Now, the tankless claims to save "up to 50%" which is marketing speak for "does not save 50%" but let's say it does, I would save $15 a month, the difference between the cost of the tankless versus the tank, so it would be 54 months before I started saving money. And since we plan on "upgrading" to a new house before five years (when I've graduated), I will never see those savings. Guess I really should get the tank heater, what do you think?


I forgot to mention... Do you have heat recovery on your air conditioner AND, what seer rating/age is your a/c? You might be able to come out even better by installing a heat recovery system on the condenser (but you'll need an a/c guy to do it IIRC). If your a/c is too efficient, it may not work (irony).

tank less save the enviorment ! plus it saves space

Check out the estimated increase in gas service... It probably won't change much, but when you're looking at long term savings, that's important to consider. When coming from gas service, tankless doesn't always save much (if any). In your situation, if you're going to change your heater, the 40gal tank with a nice blanket is probably where you want to be.

You should see if you can contact anyone else in the neighborhood that has a tankless and see how well it works. If you are a big bather or heavy user it may not be suited for your needs as the "recovery time" or output may be lacking. You have to consider if you invest in the tankless, will it be a good selling point when the house is sold. That is where you will recoup the cost because the mechanicals in the house has been upgraded. And if the house sits on the market for a while, you save in the meantime.