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New website Answered

Hello again I want to create my very own website but I don't know what it should be about. I am desperatly in need of ideas


In other words, what schorhr is saying is that it can be about you, without specifically identifying you (you don't need an influx of pervs seeking you out).

What I was saying is that I wanted to know what his interests/hobbies/skills are since else its hard to give advice ;-) But yes, its a good thing to try to keep anonym, maybee only specifiying a Postbox if neccesary.

Yeah, sorry, I added to what you said and didn't delineate sorry about that.

I just meant that, the site could be about "what he is all about", or just one of the "interests" he has, going on what you asked. *now I will attempt to unceremoniously remove my foot from my mouth without drawing attention to myself * LOL

Using UTF-8 email encoding helps too (slows the email harvesters somewhat).

Or he could make a site where people can post ideas :-)

Interests? Hobbies? Skills?