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Newb questions - magnets behind mirror! Answered

Hi! I'm incredibly new here and already in way over my head! Hope this is the best place to ask this. I wanted to create a mirror that is magnetic to hold tweezers, nail clippers, etc. -  lots of little metal cosmetic bits that get lost around my home. I can't attach magnets to the items themselves because they are too small - would it be feasible to glue some rare earth magnets behind the mirror? Or will I just get a giant chunk of mirror embedded in my face? :( I'm trying to spruce my home up on the cheap and keep the small space organized. I have a sampler pack of rare earth magnets from lee valley and some framed mirrors already. If this is feasible could anyone tell me how far apart I should be spacing the magnets? 

I feel like such newb! I guess I am one. But anyway, I humbly beg at your feet! Please help! Thanks folks!


I would get a steel metal strip that you can attach the magnets behind and make it part of the frame for the mirror or mount it somewhere convenient just like those magnetic knife holder strips for the kitchen wall. If you had a glass mirror, you really don't want to be repeatedly tapping on to it with metal objects causing it to break. Good luck.

I've had trouble finding metal strips other than the ikea ones!

True about the metal tapping - most of my stuff has rubbery grips on it and I kind of decided that this mirror can be sacrificed if this happens :P but you are absolutely right! I may be getting myself nominated for a Darwin Award!

Thanks for the advice! :)

Personally I wouldn't worry about it. Glass doesn't break that easily. So I'd just experiment with the magnets, using tape or something like that to stick them behind the mirror, and once I'd figured out how many I needed and how close together, I'd glue them on.

It's a fun idea, don't be discouraged, the worst that can happen is that the mirror breaks eventually. You can also protect the front of the mirror in that spot by sticking a piece of clear screen protector plastic on it.

Great idea! Ill try that! :) thanks!


Or cut holes in the back of a wooden frame and slot the rare-earth magnets in there to make the widgets look like they're sticking to wood.

I plan on doing this for my knives since I don't like the look of the ikea ones (too ikea looking! Lol)

Thanks for the tip! :)