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Newbie Anxious About Judging Deadlines Answered

Hi all!
I am a new contributor, and have entered some contests.
While I don't think I am going to win a prize right out of the bat, (but MAYBE!) I still am anxious to see results of the judging (which is fun in itself, and will give me more feedback on how to do an Instructable better!) for one I entered that the judging deadline keeps changing.

I know the judges are volunteers and such, and I don't want to complain because this is an awesome site... but I've noticed one that had a judging deadline in December that results aren't posted yet - I was wondering if that happens often?  Or maybe because of the holidays things got wonky? 

I think I'll go to the judging thread and volunteer also - so I can help out when I'm not in a contest.  I really dig Instructables!  


It isn't usually the volunteer judges that cause the delay, it's the contest sponsors (It's hard to force them to be quicker when they're the ones paying the bills...).

Well that does make sense! Thank you!

This is what I'm meaning