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Newbie DIY icebox AC Answered

I'm building a DIY, small AC unit using a desk fan, ice, and an ice box cooler. The fan I'm using is the one below.
I'm planning on making tubes connected to the sides. I will insert the tubes inside the cooling box (I'm not sure where is best... Above or below the ice?)
I'm also thinking about where to put the holes for the air to go in. Should I put them below the ice, above the ice, or does it not matter?

Also for the ice: salt water ice, or frozen bottles in salt water ice mixture, dry ice, or just plain ice? What do you think?

I'm hoping to have the ice last the night. 


Just a thought I had: Air goes into the box from above and the duct for the fan output is below the ice?

I would try a prototype with the fan on the lid of the cooler off to one side forcing air in and the output hole on the other side. Then on the inside of the lid you attach a partition that is the same with and angle ad the inside of the cooler but does not go all the way down. When you put ice in it and run it the air goes down one half of the cooler and over the top of the ice and then up the other side and out. The really good thing about this design is that only the lid needs to be modified. You may also want to make two wire frames (one for each side) with cloth strips or some other absorbent material to wick up some water as the ice melts so as to get some evaporative cooling also. I hope that was clear enough.

Should be "same width and angle"

warm air rises and clod air falls.

Have you done a search on the site for similar projects. As i recall there are several portable air conditioner projects you could look at for ideas.