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Newbie needing help please Answered

Hi everyone, I'm new here, and new to making circuits. I've been scrapping them for quite some time and feel terrible about how much goodies I've thrown out in the process :( 
anywho, I saved a ton of it, And today I picked up a "Futura 100 color graphics at its finest" box, it has 5 knobs on the front for: Hue, saturation, contrast, black, and white, has a power on led and reset button, floppy drive.
in the back it has a 3-25pin connectors (2female and 1male) for printers, a video in and video out, power switch and 3 prong plug, fan, keyboard connector, and a 9-pin male test port? 
Inside it had a dark drive and has TONS of ic chips.
ill quit blabbering and get on with it, does anyone have any ideas on what this can be turned into? One or multiple projects is fine, as long as this thing gets a good use. I'm hoping to make a variables power with led display for my atx.



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I would still like to make uses of it though, this isn't the first time I've seen equipment like this, but now I'll be sure to keep one intact next time. This ones already gutted now for the most part :/

It looks like someone was modding it, inside got glue from a glue gun on every connection, and som parts are almost brand new. This whole box is dated for 1996, the 5- 5k potentiometers are from mouser which I think started in 2007, I may be wrong on that one, and some of the chips have perfectly clean pins unlike the other duller ones.The floppy is Gonna go towards my pocket laser engraver project, and I'm hoping to use these parts already here mixed some from my stash to make a variable power supply with a led display. I'm having no luck on finding one though,

can anyone at least point me in the right direction? (I'd rather it not be one that has a long list of materials to order) I got boat loads of almost every component imaginable.


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I guess you should look up variable bench top power supply circuits and select one that fits your needs. If you are lucky some of the parts needed may be found in your salvaged pile. You can also search the instructables on power supplies. Good luck. Also, you end up with a bunch of proprietary parts like ICs that cannot be identified when you gut a system or lots of tiny parts not worth the effort to extricate and reuse.