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Newly Published Limbo Answered

This has happened to me several times.  I will publish and Instructable but it will not show up on the site under recently published Instructables in the same category.  Not right away, or even a few hours later.  Other projects will show up in the list of recently published afterward but mine still doesn't appear.  It might take a day or two before it appears and then when it does, it appears in the original chronological order behind newer projects, as though it had been there all along.  However, it was just kind of in limbo without any or many page views.  It is still available if people have a link to it, through subscriber feed, or links that I send to others, but otherwise it just doesn't show up.

I was just curious if it was just me and if I had done something wrong in the publishing process.  I'm pretty sure I'm doing it all right.  I've got a few of these under my belt but I'm certainly not immune to user error.


The same thing has happened to my Kryptonite Candy ible, it didn't appear anywhere for a day. I thought it got caught up in the filters, but Jayefuu asked Randofo and he said it didn't. After it got featured is suddently appeared under recent...

It might be the combination of words, explosive, use around small children, farm animals, substitution of tofu for bacon...you know...


Brilliant cartoon. I can even recognise some of the characters. I'm getting a printout to laminate and hang above the computer. Well done, you sure are multi-talented.

Wow have you got it covered. just what I wanted.

Ah, yes. I forgot about the mighty power of bacon. It truly is the most mighty force in the universe.

LOL! That makes perfect sense. I couldn't figure out why that happened to some and not to others. That's a big old slap on the forehead for me!



7 years ago

Yes it happens from time to time, it definitely has to do with certain words in the text, the last one of mine that was caught in the filters was likely because I mentioned glue guns several times. I noticed in your most recent ible you have the word explosive and dynamite which most likely caused it to be caught in the filters (maybe the Bubotuber Pus too, jk).

Cool potion bottles btw!

I also wanted to add that once an ible gets caught by the filters a real live person at instructables has to look through them, hence the delay.

Sure, it happens frequently. There is a relatively long list of keywords which the server software uses to "catch and hold" Instructables for human review before they are put up on the browsing pages.

Some of those keywords are related to intrinsically hazardous or illegal activities, some are supposed to catch SPAM, and so on.

If you're referring to your most recent I'ble (and it is always useful to provide a concrete URL in your topic), you might even be able to guess what triggered the filters, now that I've described the general idea.