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Newly redeemed one-year Pro membership about to expire? Answered


Could not find an answer anywhere --

I redeemed a one-year (prize) membership last Saturday, and the correct expiration date shows up in my profile on the Instructables website, but I just received a new message which tells me it's about to expire.

Here's the slightly modified membership info from my profile:

Length 1 Year Pro Membership 
Started on May 26, 2012
Given by Instructables Robot (Gift code: ************)
Ends on May 26, 2013

So, should I panic?  Thanks for any clues.


I just checked your account in the database, and you're not set to expire until May 2013. It looks like you had a previous 1-year gift code that expired on May 26, which is why you received that email. Don't worry, you're still good to go!

Could you please check on Vyger's status and reply to his post HERE. He got the same "expiring pro" email.

Thanks, canucksgirl

BTW, I sent mikeasaurus a PM about the bugs. If we ignore the emails about expiring Pro Accounts, there is still 1 ongoing bug, and 2 new ones.

Ahem, it's currently 2012.

The email says it expires 2013.


Multiple members (including Vyger) got incorrect emails about expiring memberships. I trust that he's been around long enough to notice if something isn't right (versus someone a little newer to the site). Anyways, you can read his comments here.

There's a few gremlins on the site right now (IMHO), and I sent mikeasaurus an overview on them. 

No. The email does not list any year it just says "your pro membership is about to expire".
The year is shown on your account information here at the Instructables site. Not in the email.
The issue is that the email and the account information on the site conflict with eachother.

Same thing happened to me. I just renewed 10 days ago (using a 3 month gift code) and now today I got an email saying my Pro is about to expire again.
It's going to roll over to my next free Pro gift membership when I only got 10 days of use from the current one.