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Newsletter Patch? Answered

This is the first time ever on instructables that I was featured on the newsletter...! I felt really happy! But I was just wondering when and how I will get my newsletter patch? Any ideas? Thanks!

I will add a screen shot of the newsletter with my ible in there!
The name is Zip Tie Night Light

Sorry if I am being too impatient... :( Its just that its the first time so....Im really excited!



Best Answer 6 years ago

All I am going to say is that I am happy for you it is your first time!! You will be featured more I bet. Good job!

Thanks for the encouragement! Thanks again!

I'm still waiting for one from a news letter in march where my wifi-radio was featured.
I also still waiting for some patches from contests.

So don't worry to much I would say and just enjoy the fact that you have been featured.

I did get my patch and I am really happy that it got featured in the newsletter!