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Newsletter links not working Answered

Is it only me or the links in the newsletter haven't been working later?

This is what I get when I click on one: 


And chrome kindly telling me that "Oops! Google Chrome could not find l.php".

Is the problem on my side or on instructables' side? 



5 years ago

I bet some money that the following is the bug in the instructable.com system:

You use an old Facebook API to send newsletters to members using Facebook connect to login to your site. Correct?

Facebook does not allow links to domains other than Facebook. So you can only have links to a Facebook app and not instructables.com.

What email client are you using? For some reason Windows Live Mail does not display our Newsletter correctly.

Make sure you have no browser add ons like Ad Block as they will prevent certain aspects of the site from loading correctly.

I get the same problem with hotmail in chrome and Internet Explorer. Did you find a fix Deb?

I haven't really found a fix, mostly a way around. In my account settings I've manually selected another e-mail (gmail, but I doubt it really matters) account for receiving the newsletter and that was it. :)
I suspect the bug has something to do with people that register with their facebook accounts...

I am using gmail, accessing it with the browser...
If it works for you guys, it's certainly something on my side; will have to find a way to solve it, since chrome is my main browser. Thank you all for the feedback.

Do you have AdBlock installed on all 3 browsers? If so, add instructables.com to the white (safe) list and give it another try (or try the links with AdBlock disabled). If that doesn't work, then you may have a common addon installed that could be affecting the links. I do know that gmail is a little finicky with some links; mainly redirecting links, particularly when the link does not start as http://www (in this case they are http://app.streamsend...), but I could not find any specific discussion/solution for that.


Also, you may have a security setting enabled that prevents certain links from opening.

Works fine for me also.

I looked at the message source code and there's nothing for I.php... Something is adding characters to the beginning and the end of the link that don't exist.

Your mail program might be the problem (versus Chrome). What are you using to get mail? Can you forward the message to another account (like hotmail-or-gmail etc) and see if you can open the links?

Try a different browser?

It works for me in Safari and FireFox.

The links in my newsletter worked fine.

What email client are you using? When you view the email is there a button some where that says "Allow external content from Instructables.com" or similar?