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Next knex gun to build? Answered

I dont know what i should build next. I have already built the knexsayer and the TR and need a suggestion for the next best gun to build?

P.S. I can build almost any gun on this site so don't think about the amount of pieces that it uses.


ZKAR, and look in Oblivitus's legendary knex gun group.  There is alot of good stuff there.


8 years ago

I have suggested this.......but have not seen it.

Sten MK 2.jpg

I will be making one.

I have actually been thinking about trying to make a sten but haven't figured out how to make the mag removable.

Not A Rectangle.

Good suggestion but i have  already built it. its a great single shot!

Build it and make it better than what it was last time you made it.

I mean i just built it last week

You should make a replica of some sort. Maybe my mp5k or one of the m4's or mp5's/ I dunno, whatever you like.

You could try to improve upon the FMG-9 by giving it an internal mag and better barrel system, as a suggestion-the current ones here don't have mags yet are freaking awesome and use few pieces. The one on KI has an internal 4 shot mag but uses a TON of pieces.

I could try that out for you. I've been experimenting with a new barrel with a horizontal magazine.

an m16? :o